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TV Apps Suite is a multi-screen UI/UX solution meant for Broadcasters, Pay-TV Operators and OTT Service Owners. The solutions are offered across mobiles, tablets, web browsers, smart-TVs and game consoles. 

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Hybrid Apps

HYBRID APPS are multi-screen TV Apps for Pay-TV operators which are integrated with a hosted MEDIATION LAYER. The Apps are developed with a semi-flexi UI/UX which has some templates that can be customised to suit premium IPTV or other multi-cast TV services. We integrate the TV Apps via the Mediation Layer, MACapi. The Apps are also hybrid in nature due to the use of both native and web technologies. The feature list is extensive enough to suit the most complex of services.

Key Features:

  • Multi-screen on mobiles, tablets, smart TVs and browsers
  • Flexi-template designs
  • Mediation Layer for aggregation
  • Complex Pay-TV operator / carrier features

Live TV Apps

t-mobile-applicationLIVE TV APPS are ready-made templates with no flexibility, made for smaller cable companies or regional linear TV streaming service owners. The Apps include all Live TV features only including EPG, Listing, Catchup and other social integrations. While there is no flexibility, this product will allow quick integrations and deployments at affordable prices.

Key Features:

  • Mobiles & tablets
  • No-Flex Template Design
  • Linear TV Channel List, EPG and Catchup
  • Simple Login

custom tv apps

Canvas Apps

mtv-live-tv-appsCANVAS APPS are custom developed TV Apps on any streaming device. These Apps are meant for customers who have all design, integration points and features ready to be developed. Our development team consists of well trained staff who understand all the streaming and broadcast grade needs of our customers. The Apps will be developed from our ready-built TV App SDK and frameworks which include player integrations and application code to support quick time to market.

Key Features:

  • Any device: mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, web browsers and game consoles
  • All design to be provided by the customer
  • Custom features
  • TV App SDK for player integrations
  • TV App SDK for data aggregation modules

Quality Assurance

QUALITY ASSURANCE and testing is provided by Norigin for all development projects as a part of the setup effort. The testing plan is made at the onset of every project and we work closely with our customers to set an agreed plan to achieve the right levels of quality. The professional services include manual and automated testing across our products. The test automation system is built in as part of the continuous integration workflow used by the development teams

Key Features:

  • Any device: mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, web browsers and game consoles
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Custom test cases along with standard processes
  • Support with customer testing in production
  • 24/7 Confidence monitoring services

tv apps SDK

The TV App SDK allows developers to build premium TV Apps across devices and add features which are mandatory for premium streaming services. The TV App SDK can be utilised by Broadcasters and Operators who build multiscreen TV and video applications. Companies can focus on building powerful user experiences as the SDK abstracts the complexities of multi-screen TV app development. The SDK supports secure video playback with DRM across different devices and a wide range of third party integrations. Video specific features such as subtitles, multichannel audio and autoplay are supported across multi-screen devices like smart TVs, browsers, smartphone and tablets. The SDK eases the complexities of TV App development so that companies can not only build multi-screen solutions but also add a range of integrations to leading technology partners of Norigin Media.

Key Features:

  • TV App SDK for smart TVs (LG, Samsung, etc)
  • TV App SDK for mobiles & tablets (iOS & Android)
  • Ready features for Subtitles, Multichannel Audio, Autoplay, etc
  • Ready player and DRM integrations across devices
  • Custom 3rd party integrations to the data modules
  • We love our Hybrid Apps, because the solution allows end users to view all our valuable content on the iPad and iPhone. And we believe that NORIGIN MEDIA’s hybrid model will enable us to continually add new features and enrich the second screen experience for end users.
    Magnus Rask Detlif, TV 2 Danmark
  • We chose NORIGIN MEDIA’s Cloudncoder solution because of the unique flexibility and high quality it offers. With their years of experience in live encoding, we are very much looking forward to working with NORIGIN MEDIA in the further development of our live services.

    Tor Kristian Flage, Product Manager, Amedia.
  • A TV Streaming service is a unique business and we are happy that Norigin have launched all these new customised apps for us in a short and efficient manner within a few months utilizing their Hybrid Apps product suite. We are looking to reach out to the expansive mobile users market across Germany who can easily subscribe to our Mobile TV services directly from their personal devices

    Gert von Manteuffel, Vice President Product Management TV, Deutsche Telekom
  • We see an increased consumption on Smart TV platforms amongst our users. This is a natural next step to widen our AVoD service, and we are very pleased to work with Norigin Media in delivering a TV app to this new platform. We always strive to improve the experience in our streaming services and we strongly believe that this platform will be of great value to our users going forward.

    Cecilia Engelbert, Product Owner for Smart TV at Bonnier Broadcasting
Device Support

Smartphones / Tablets Smart TVs PC-Macs Game Consoles / Casting

An ever-evolving support for devices help your business be assured that customers can reach your streaming content, anywhere, anytime. Norigin commits to update the Apps to support the fast paced device markets so customers are able to get new versions of the Apps alongside the new devices constantly made available in the market every other week. The Hybrid App product is ported just once on the product level for all customers to make use off.

The device support of our basic suite of applications includes smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, game consoles and web-TV on PC/ Macs. Norigin excels at providing TV Apps on internet connected devices. While most Apps support HTML 5 and can use the existing framework, some specific devices which Norigin supports may need core development outside of the product, for example Xbox One & Android TV.

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Norigin Media’s TV App suite is for all streaming media distributors who want a comprehensive, fully tested end-user experience for scalable results. Today, Norigin Media’s TV Apps provide access for major content distributors including Deutsche Telekom, Orange Global, and Bonnier Group. Made for premium TV streaming service owners; the TV Apps can be licensed by Broadcasting companies, Pay-TV operators, content owners and B2C TV solutions for OTT.