The Amedia Group (previously Apressen) has contracted with NORIGIN MEDIA to provide TV head-end services via the recently launched Live Hosted Headend product. All of Amedia´s local media stations and newspaper companies will use the platform to ingest and transcode live feeds including news, sports and events.

The Live Hosted product offers flexible time-based capture and encoding capacity, catering to live channels and events. Amedia aims to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of encoding services by using NORIGIN MEDIA’s hosted capacity on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The service is unique in its custom integrations of ingest feeds as well as 24/7 support and monitoring services. The customer can manage the scheduling of feeds for encoding through an online Live Channel Manager tool. NORIGIN MEDIA offers plug-ins to Akamai, Qbrick and Telenor CDNs or the online Live Channel Manager tool can be integrated to other CDNs of choice.

‘We chose NORIGIN MEDIA’s Live Hosted Headend solution because of the unique flexibility and high quality it offers, and their years of experience in live encoding. We are looking forward to working with the company in the further development of our live services,” said Tor Kristian Flage, Product Manager, Amedia.

This platform, built in partnership with Thomson Video Networks, is integrated with Qbrick, the chosen CDN partner of Amedia. It also supports pre-configured encoding profiles optimized for SD and HD content, catering to a full range of internet-connected devices from smart phones to connected TVs.

For more information, please contact:

Ajey Anand
Chief Commercial Officer
Tel: +47 414 977 69

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