Norigin Media today announced its company owners have appointed Ajey Anand as Chief Executive Officer and have outlined a new company structure effective immediately. Anand in his previous commercial position welcomed clients such as, Deutsche Telekom, Orange Global, and Boxer TV in Sweden to Norigin’s multi-screen Hybrid Apps and live cloud encoding services.

“With ambitious growth plans of the Norigin brand, the Board’s decision to appoint Ajey Anand at the helm means our businesses growth can reach its full potential,” said Espen Erikstad, Co-Founder of Norigin. “Ajey is a proven leader with the right business acumen and vision to drive our organisational goals into the future. His vision for how our proudly Scandinavian brand will be experienced around the world is exactly what Norigin needs as we roll out the next stages of product innovation and growth.”

The incoming CEO, Ajey Anand said, “It has been an eventful one and a half years since we introduced the Norigin brand. Our two flagship products within the Over-the-Top (OTT) TV and video content distribution markets have helped us reach profitability in 2014 that gives us a solid foothold to introduce a new growth phase for the company.”

As his first measure as CEO, Anand has announced an organisational restructure with emphasis on product development at Norigin. “With the goal to accommodate different customer segments, a new organisation supporting sector agnostic delivery has been formulated. We will expand our product offering and cater to a larger target market of TV and video streaming services,” he adds.

With the announced changes Espen Erikstad shifts to the role of COO, where he will hold the responsibility for Norigin’s Product Development, and Jussi Komonen will head the Delivery and Operations Teams as CTO.
Norigin Media Contact:
Ajey Anand
Tel: +47 414 977 69

About Norigin Media
NORIGIN MEDIA is a proudly Scandinavian company providing Over-the-Top Multi-screen video distribution apps and Live-TV Cloud Encoding services. With over a decade of experience in TV and video hosting, Norigin caters to premium TV services, offering scalability, customisation, monitoring and broadcast-grade support services.

Their customers have included reputable brands, such as, Deutsche Telekom, Orange Global, Boxer, FOX, MTV, BBC, Telenor and Eurosport. The privately owned company is headquartered in Oslo. Contact us:

Twitter: @NoriginMedia

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