Scandinavian company Norigin Media launched today, a platform for capturing, encoding and hosted Origin-server services for linear TV. The private cloud is launched with a pay-as-you-go business model to make online live-TV management affordable. is a live-TV capture and transcoding platform, which is offered to broadcasting companies, news agencies, ad agencies, live content producers and enterprise customers with the need to distribute linear channels or live events. The CDN agnostic platform is able to capture IP-feeds from around the world and downlinking of all European Satellite signals. The new product is most suitable for long tail live content in new OTT services, disaster recovery or live events.

Broadcast-grade infrastructure, which helps prepare live-TV channels for multi-screen delivery, will be made accessible for customers to manage via a web app. SD or HD, multi-bitrate and multi-resolution profiles are offered with an array of formats including HLS, MSS, HDS, RTMP and MPEG-DASH. European 24/7 support centers are also prepared for any priority issues.

The platform is pre-integrated to all major CDNs including Akamai, Octoshape, Verizon Media Services, Arkena and many other Operator CDNs including Telenor and Deutsche Telekom. The all-inclusive ‘pay-as-you-go’ hourly or monthly prices allow customers to make Live-TV encoding economical and scalable for premium services. There are no separated data-volume costs for input or output feeds as charged by most other cloud solutions today.

Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media says ` fills a gap where infrastructure for online Live TV management becomes affordable and well supported. The Scandinavian Cloud TV platform will provide the best-in-class quality hosting services across the globe.´ He continues, ´The few offers for cloud hosting of live TV content are more expensive than they are presented and we hope to change that, simply.
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Ajey Anand
Tel: +4741497769

Cloudncoder is a proudly Scandinavian Live-TV Cloud Encoding platform, which offers an array of services for capturing, transcoding and hosting of origin servers for premium multi-screen TV content. With over a decade of experience in TV and video hosting, the cloud tv platform offers scalability, customisation, monitoring and broadcast-grade support services.
Norigin Media is a privately owned company, headquartered in Oslo. All products are created for multi-screen TV and video services.

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Twitter: @NoriginMedia


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