Norigin Media has announced a signed contract with a national reputable TV provider for the launch of it’s Hybrid Apps product. The OTT TV & Video service with custom branding will be made available for consumers across Poland. The service is planned for launch within 2016 across multiple streaming devices.

The Hybrid Apps are the flagship product of Norigin Media that has been launched by Operators and Broadcasters across Northern and Western Europe since 2012. The hybrid nature of the TV Apps utilizes the benefits of evolving HTML5 and core Native components within every device. The product is created for popular streaming devices including iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Web Browsers, LG and Samsung Smart TVs and XBOX. The cloud architecture mediation layer, MACapi from Norigin´s product suite is to be installed locally in Poland to aggregate complex systems for presentation of TV content across all devices.

Norigin´s CEO, Ajey Anand said, “We have an ambitious plan to be live across Europe soon and our strong product approach for the Hybrid Apps is working well for the premium TV streaming providers with ambitious launch plans in a short time.”

The strict PR policies from the TV provider do not allow any further details to be released before the commercial launch planned in 2016. The Hybrid Apps will on exhibit at the Norigin Café at the TV Connect in April 2016, London.

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About Norigin Media

NORIGIN MEDIA is a proudly Scandinavian company providing products for OTT TV & Video streaming services. The flagship products include Hybrid Apps. A multi-screen Streaming Apps product and Cloudncoder, a linear TV Cloud Encoding product. With over a decade of experience in TV and video hosting; Norigin caters to premium TV services, offering scalability, customisation, monitoring and broadcast-grade support services.

The customers have included reputable brands, such as, Deutsche Telekom, Orange Global, Boxer, BOX, MTV, BBC, Telenor and Eurosport. The privately owned company is headquartered in Oslo.

Contact us: § Twitter: @NoriginMedia §

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