by Norigin Media
Jun 17, 2020

Norigin Media launches new AdScan solution

Norigin Media, a Scandinavian company offering streaming solutions for Broadcasters and Pay TV Operators has announced its new AdScan solution. The AI-based tool detects and marks ad breaks on catchup TV content, allowing Pay TV Operators to explore new monetisation opportunities and offer unique UI/UX experiences on their streaming services.

Many Operators with streaming services have problems with SCTE-35 markers in the transcoding process and catchup recordings are often based on unsynchronized electronic program guides (EPG). AdScan identifies and tags ad breaks with proprietary cue points on VoD files. The marked ad breaks allow Pay TV operators to trim catchup TV content more accurately, navigate or skip ad breaks on the player and even replace adverts.

The cloud based AdScan platform has a distributed architecture integrated to an on-premise advert detection agent. This helps avoid unnecessary data transfer and replication of media files, allowing short turnaround times within the Pay TV Operator’s the Live-to-VoD workflow. The solution has been successfully trialled with one of the leading TV distributors in the Nordics.

“As Pay TV Operators and Broadcasters align on distribution agreements and engage on ad monetisation within streaming services, we want to keep the technology simple. AdScan will not only help alleviate complex integrations for OTT service providers, it will result in better user experiences for the consumer.” says Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media.

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