by Norigin Media
Jul 1, 2020

Norigin Media Launches TV Tech Consulting Business

Norigin Media, a Scandinavian company offering streaming TV tech products and services has announced the launch of Norigin Consulting. The separate business arm will offer Broadcasters and Pay TV Operators software development talent for hire.

Norigin Consulting hires and places specialist consultants with skills and experience within video streaming technology. The Software Consultant profiles range from Frontend, Native and Backend to DevOps and Video Engineering. Resources and teams are made available either in-house, locally across Europe, or remotely.

Consultants hired through Norigin Consulting are skilled in the full end-to-end delivery chain of modern OTT streaming services, and have access to Norigin Media technology, tools, training and support.

“For Broadcasters and Pay TV Operators who choose to build their streaming products in-house, we offer to fill the knowledge gap with consultants who are highly skilled and experienced video streaming technologies. We have worked on TV streaming projects for over a decade, and plan to build a growing community of specialist talent within the industry,” says Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media.

Find out more, and request consultant profiles here.

Marketing and PR Contact

Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media


Norigin Media open-sources spatial navigation for Smart TV Apps

Norigin Media open-sources spatial navigation for Smart TV Apps

Norigin Media has open sourced part of its TV App Framework for developers building TV Apps on Smart TVs or web-browsers. The Norigin Spatial Navigation library can be used to implement Key-Navigation or Remote-Control navigation on react based web applications.