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Are you a Software Consultant looking to work with some of the world’s most exciting Broadcasters and Operators? Send us your CV and become a part of our network of consultants working within the video technology field!
Why Join Us?


Join us on a mission to ensure everyone can stream their favourite show on any device!

We’re an international team with Scandinavian flair working in multiple locations. We are a truly flat organisation and always on the lookout for amazing additions to the TV community.

We design and engineer great streaming TV services while making sure there is a good amount of camaraderie, learning and freedom to grow professionally and personally. A place where creativity has no limits! When we’re not hard at work, we’re being sporty, hosting hackathons or planning our next company cabin trip!

Life at Norigin

8 Awesome Colleagues You Need at the Office

Boryana Yaneva | Oslo, Norway

The dynamics in every office are different. Some places are a toxic snake pit webbed in intrigues and gossips, others are quite the fun spot to work at. I have made a small list of awesome people I love having in my office space…

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How to Adopt and Save an Extrovert in a Time of Quarantine

Boryana Yaneva | Oslo, Norway

There is a Chinese curse that says “May he live in interesting times.” Congratulations, you have been jinxed and this time is now… but you got this! This is my fourth week at home…

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Office Dog – Dream or Nightmare?

Boryana Yaneva | Oslo, Norway

To be able to bring my dog, Lala, with me to the office has been a dream of mine for such a long time. For the past 3 weeks she has been coming with me every single day — which made some pros and cons stand out…

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Our People

As a UX designer, I work with our development team to enable the best possible user experience for some of the most popular streaming services.

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I enjoy working at Norigin, as the projects are always interesting!

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UX Designer

The biggest perk of working at Norigin Media is meeting customers from around the world, and helping them launch exciting services to market.

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I’m glad to work with lots of talented customers and colleagues

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Sales Manager

Managing a project at Norigin Media is like working with my best friends: we joke around, we passionately disagree, we have fun, but above all, we…

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reach our targets with hard work, dedication and mutual respect.

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Project Manager

At Norigin Media, we are challenged with developing code not only for a particular customer, but for all them, by creating an extensive and…

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reusable cross-platform SDK. I am happy o work in such a challenging industry.

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Frontend Developer


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