Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom AG is a German telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn and by revenue the largest telecommunications provider in Europe. The company operates several subsidiaries worldwide, including the mobile communications brand T-Mobile. Norigin Media has launched customised Deutsche Telekom apps for linear TV as well as the Bundesliga mobile app.
Es estupendo que Norigin haya lanzado nuestras nuevas aplicaciones personalizadas en pocos meses y de manera eficiente.

Gert Von Manteuffel

Vice President Product Management TV, Deutsche Telekom


Norigin Media has been delivering hosted TV and VoD services to Deutsche Telekom in Germany and Austria since 2008, including the timely introduction of the very first iOS client apps for TV and VoD services.


Satellite capture of TV channels in Germany and internationally at Norigin Media’s broadcast centre in Oslo. SD and HD channels are downlinked using state of the art mediagate services, transcoded into adaptive bitrate, packaged and encrypted – all in the cloud.
Bundesliga Mobile App

Live sports and linear TV channels with EPG can be accessed on iOS and Android devices.

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