Norigin Media proudly presents a global Hackathon, for like-minded engineers bringing together the Artificial Realm of OTT & Streaming TV Apps.


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Agenda & Deadlines



Conquering the challenges of CTV Apps using AI technologies! Creatively showcase one of the topics below on one or many devices! (Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Apple TV Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, and/or operator STBs).

Unleash your boundless creativity beyond the limits of what ChatGPT can assist with. While we encourage you to explore uncharted territories, we provide a framework of overarching topics to guide your selection:

Are you a CTV Design Visionary?
Prototype the next Netflix-like UI/UX for Streaming TV Apps?

Create unseen designs, UI/UX and prototypes that shape the future of streaming TV. Showcase remarkable concepts for Apps, cutting-edge features, immersive interactivity, and consumer journeys.

  • Prototyping UI/UX

  • Creating an unseen design & user journeys

  • Showcase ideas for Apps or features like interactivity


Calling all coding wizards!
Unleash your engineering creativity & build the future of CTV Apps?

Write code or engineer CTV Apps. Use AI to create modules, open-source or something worth patenting? Revolutionize and build TV streaming Apps, features or plugins on any device!

  • Writing code, modules or entier Apps

  • Generating a CTV Apps or plugins

  • Open sourcing


A Forward-thinking quality assurance engineer ensures that CTV Apps are Broadcast-grade!

Aim for top-notch quality & aspire for bug-free CTV Apps! Unlock the power of test automation tailored specifically for streaming TV Apps. Automate analysis of logs that ensures flawless performance.

  • Validation of Apps or Code

  • Cases and Scripts

  • Test Automation / AB testing


A great product owner creates innovation! Showcase new plugins or features.

Create new Smart TV experiences with groundbreaking plugins & features to redefine how consumers use CTV devices. Revolutionize Search, redefine recommendations, enhance CTV interactivity!

  • Enhance CTV consumer experience

  • Create features like Search / Recommendation  

  • Increase CTV interactivity


Supercharge your own development processes and engineering experiences? We call it Dev-X!!! 

Create dev tools that help any engineer become more efficient than any robot or more creative than you can imagine! Meticulously craft tech documentation, cutting-edge coding modules and utilities.

  • Dev Tools to empower engineers

  • Tech Documentation, coding modules

  • Utilities that help Front-end Engineers


Should Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) support creativity or reduce workload? 

We refuse to explain this more.

Maybe you should ask ChatGPT?

  • Let AI generate your topic? 

  • Amaze yourself and us? 

  • As long as SkyNet does not take over!


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