Engineering your TV Apps with the right tools & teams




Enhancing the Developer Experience with our tools


We build your TV Apps across devices with one codebase


Skilled frontend engineers to build streaming TV Apps

Enhance UX - Elevate DevX
Whether you’re building simple or highly complex UI/UX across a range of devices the engineers behind the Apps must be considered. The TV App SDK uses a React.js framework to ensure stability across devices.

We enhance Dev-X to elevate UX for the ultimate TV Apps.
As a leading solutions provider for multi-screen TV Apps, we combine efficient tools with skilled engineering and Quality Assurance teams to build your TV Apps.


Our TV App SDK combines all technology integrations for your design with multiple players, analytics providers, and your content management systems.

UI Toolkit: React-based UI/UX

Our single-code repository of components and modules is a developer friendly toolkit to help build TV Apps across a range of devices. 

These modules allow engineers to build custom designed Apps with a framework that is tested across a range of devices.

Plugins: Players, Analytics & Adverts

We believe TV Apps are best when data-driven by your existing video back-office and CMS.

We offer readymade plugins for integrating any open-source or proprietary Players, Analytics providers, and Ad-servers. 

We offer tools for building video-centric apps across a range of devices with documentation that helps train and support any engineer, whether ours or yours.

Micro-modular UI components that adapt to the chosen device to help create custom designed user interfaces using React.

Controls multiple native and third-party players across devices including playback features such as subtitles, DRM and multiple audio tracks.

Aligns analytics providers and APIs that track quality and consumption patterns of video, as well as UI components across all devices.

Integrates Ad-servers directly via APIs or SDKs to ensure ads are served either with client-side (CSAI) or server-side (SSAI) integrations.

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TV App Development
We help you build your multiscreen TV Apps across multiple devices using a single codebase. Whether you decide to develop with Norigin Media, or in-source your TV Apps, our technology SDK has you covered.
Norigin Media is a Scandinavian company offering streaming TV tech solutions and services for Broadcasters, Pay TV Operators and OTT service providers.