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AI analysis of your TV Catchup

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Cloud APIs

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Do you have issues with SCTE-35 markers in the transcoding process? Do your Catchup TV recordings have inaccurate start or end times? We detect ad breaks using our powerful AI solution.


We help you detect and mark ad breaks on catchup content created from your Live-to-VoD workflow with a simple integration process. With this, you can create new advertising based monetisation possibilities, and give your consumers a better user experience on the player itself.

Adverts on Catchup TV

AdScan uses an on-premise solution that analyses and tags ad breaks on catchup files. The cue points, or markers, are scheduled based on information available on your Live-to-VoD video backoffice.
With these ad markers, you are able to improve the user experience both on the UI/UX, as well as the video itself.

Accurate trimming for catchup content


Highlight, navigate or skip adverts


Remove or replace ad breaks on OTT


The AdScan platform has a distributed architecture that is controlled through a cloud-based API as well as an on-premise advert detection agent. This helps avoid unnecessary data transfer and copying of media files.

Analyse content files within your video headend.

  • On-Prem Deployment
    Storage Analysis | Docker Containers
  • Catchup File Analysis
    Scanning of VoD Assets for Ad Breaks
  • Cloud Architecture
    Containerised Application | Cloud API
Cloud API

Cloud based API to schedule, control and report jobs and video tagging activities.

  • Restful API
    VoD workflow integrations
  • Cloud Configuration
    AI Tuning | API Dashboard
  • Reporting
    Statistics | Tools for Error Handling

Our proprietary AdScan agent is installed on-premise within the Operator’s video headend, and connected via our AdScan API for control and reporting. Alongside a small hardware footprint and short turnaround times, the solution won’t cause significant delays in the Live-to-VoD workflow.

The agent analyses catchup content to create mezzanine JSON files. These files showcase the position of the ad breaks and can be used by your Frontend Engineers to create new opportunities for both user experience and monetisation.


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