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The video streaming development ecosystem is fragmented, and constantly changing. Compatibility of various video technologies across devices is difficult to keep track of – so we have developed some OTT tech resources below. We hope this will help those working in the video tech field to stay up to date!
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Each Connected TV platform has its own rules regarding which supported streaming formats. One needs to consider native support of multiple aspects of video which can be seen below.
Tables updated as of: 01/11/2020
Connected TV: Supported Streaming Formats (Clear Content)
The table below gives you an overview of “clear” streaming protocols on connected devices. This matrix does not consider digital rights management (DRM) and other customised video playback features.
Connected TV: Supported Streaming Formats (with DRM)
The streaming protocol support changes with the addition of encryption and DRM as native players are not compatible with some DRMs. The table below gives you an overview of which combination is best suited for the majority of connected TV devices. This matrix does not consider customised video playback features.
Connected TV: Complex Video Playback Feature Support
Apart from DRM, the moment there are other features and customised alterations to the video stream, the native support on connected TVs becomes more complex. This is a small snapshot of such altered compliant devices as compared to the tables above. This table makes assumptions of no other video playback features within the streams.
Connected TV: Streaming Formats + DRM + Subtitles
The table below is a starting point to check natively supported streaming protocols on certain devices. The table will vary if there are other features like multiple-audio.


OTT Streaming Analytics
To broadly categorise analytics sources for streaming video, the most important items to track are the video, the experience and the ratings. Read our helpful blog here.


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