We capture, prepare and deliver your linear TV channels for streaming


Our media gateway captures linear channels and live TV feeds via satellite downlinking and IP ingest


We transcode, package and encrypt your linear TV channels for OTT unicast delivery via your chosen CDN


24/7 manual and automated TV platform monitoring with efficient incident handling processes


Cloudncoder is a linear OTT streaming platform with access to all major European TV networks, transcoding farms and ready integrations to major ISPs or CDNs. We offer managed services with customised configurations.


Capturing Linear TV

Media Gateway
Our media gateway captures your linear TV feeds via satellite downlinking or IP ingest. We have access to all major European broadcaster feeds. The contribution feeds at our data centres are connected to all major ISPs and operators in Europe. The headend infrastructure is designed as a high availability architecture.

Broadcast Centre
Our linear TV capture facilities have access to SD, HD and 4K feeds.
Redundancy options for satellite capture and IP ingest allow the possibility of hot switches to access feeds, should there be a problem.


ABR Transcoding

Adaptive Bitrate
We transcode your linear feeds and catchup content into custom multiple bitrates, resolutions and FPS formats to suit all quality, network and device needs.

Transcoding Farm
Our headend platform uses a software, hardware or hybrid transcoders, depending on your specifications. Our elasticity and virtual cloud infrastructure allows us to efficiently scale the capacity required to prepare streaming content.

Cloud OTT Origin Platform

DRM Integration
We encrypt your content with all major DRM platforms; our headend supports Widevine, Playready and Fairplay. We also integrate to multi-DRM platforms or key servers of your choice.

OTT Packaging
We support all major streaming protocols including HLS, DASH and Smooth Streaming. ABR over multicast and ultra low latency CMAF formats are also offered when broadcast grade latency is required.

CDN Ingest
We provide a flexible managed origin service that is pre-integrated to single or multiple CDNs of your choice, and enable it for delivery with either push or pull methods.

From Live to VoD

Catchup Creation
We can create video on demand files or assets based on automated or manual processes from raw signals or transcoded ABR streams. Our catchup API allows integration to your video back office so that catchup files are created and published directly within your VoD workflow.

DVR Recording
We offer configurable DVR windows for your linear feeds that can be cached within our origin server. Your customers can start over, network PVR and watch TV on demand within the given timeframe.

Global Monitoring Centre

24/7 Support

We include second line operational and management services that follow ITIL processes. Our engineers work in shifts and are able to handle all incidents efficiently.

Platform Monitoring

The TV platform is automatically monitored for quality and up-time requirements. We also manually test and validate services in real time with real devices.

Video Engineering

Streaming technology needs constant R&D, validation and trialling for new devices, standards and networks. We prepare for continuously evolving needs, so you can stay ahead of the curve.


We host linear and live-to-VoD content, and pick the best partners to integrate with to run a professionally managed broadcast grade operations centre.


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Linear OTT Transcoding

We prepare linear and live TV content for stable streaming on any consumer device. This includes capturing your TV feeds, transcoding them into streaming formats and packaging them for distribution.

Norigin Media is a Scandinavian company offering streaming TV tech solutions and services for Broadcasters, Pay TV Operators and OTT service providers. 


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