Software Consultants

Hire skilled software consultants with video experience to join your team remotely or in-house


TV App Developers and OTT Platform Engineers with key expertise


Experienced consultants with video streaming knowledge and expertise


Access to Norigin Media’s TV App Framework, tools and technology

At Norigin Media, we have almost two decades of experience with video streaming technology. If you are developing your products in-house, we can offer on-site or remote consultant engineers.


You can request both remote or local in-house consultants with strong streaming TV experience. Our staff have access to the best technology, tools, training and support from Norigin Media. Our TV experts are skilled in the full end-to-end delivery chain of modern OTT streaming services.
TV App Developers
  • Frontend Web Developers (JavaScript, Browser, Smart-TV, Game Consoles, STBs)
  • Native App Developers (iOS/TVOS & Android/AndroidTV, Roku)
  • Backend Developers (API, nodeJS, Java, cloud)
  • Backend Developers (Java, Python, cloud)
  • DevOps Engineers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Elastic Search, Ansible)
  • Video Engineers (Encoding, Origin/Packager, CDN Integrations, SSAI)



  • Native and Web expertise
  • Player integrations
  • Backend and Restful APIs


  • Open Source & Norigin IPR
  • Mullti-Screen Frameworks
  • Broadcast system integrations


  • Agile / Waterfall / Scrum
  • Onprem / Cloud deployments
  • Dev Ops /Continuous Integration


All our consultants stay connected and share knowledge via online tools such as Slack and in person at regular video tech meetups.

  • TV Developer Communities
  • Access to Norigin IPR
  • Conferences and Training
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A Guide To Making TV Streaming Services More Accessible

A Guide To Making TV Streaming Services More Accessible

Digital Accessibility is one of the strongest focuses in the current decade. As TV Streaming becomes a commonplace, technology and apps need to become less challenging for one of the most common media consumption… This article illustrates some examples of what needs to be considered to make TV Streaming services more accessible.

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Introduction to Digital Accessibility: Apps & Websites

Introduction to Digital Accessibility: Apps & Websites

Digital accessibility is the technological consideration for removing barriers and which helps interaction with digital products. It is meant for people NOT ONLY with disabilities or socio-economic restrictions, but also helps a larger section of society than one would imagine it to be.

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The Endless Guide to Quality Assurance

The Endless Guide to Quality Assurance

To flourish businesses in the present competitive world, applications best fitted and adapted to their users are the most successful ones. There has been a demand for OTT apps, while the supply is also getting ample in the present tech world. The minute a customer is unhappy with the smallest thing in the OTT application of name X, he would choose another subscription with the OTT app Y.

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