We build your TV Apps across multiple devices using a single codebase

We develop your apps across multiple devices using a single codebase
Your design integrates with our tech framework and UI components
Our Frontend Engineers have experience developing video streaming apps

TV APP Framework

Our TV App Framework combines all technology integrations for multiple players, analytics providers, and your content with design. The UI toolkit uses modular components to build your user interface.

The TV App Framework includes player, analytics, and content integrations, customisable to  each device or platform.

Our flexible multiscreen UI/UX components integrate with your custom design.

React translates your design into technology, resulting in a native feel across all devices. The flexible micro modular UI components adapt to the chosen device and help create custom designed user interfaces. Powered by a huge open source community of developers.
The TV App Framework includes integrations to all leading video players, analytics and metadata providers. The UI toolkit consists of micro-modular UI/UX components.
Controls multiple native players or third-party SDKs across devices as well as features including subtitles, DRM and multiple audio tracks.

Aligns analytics providers and APIs that track quality and consumption patterns of video, as well as UI components across all devices.

Integration towards the video management platform, CMS or OVP, enabling aggregation of all metadata into the apps.

Micro-modular UI components that adapt to the chosen device to help create custom designed user interfaces using React.


We help you develop, evolve and maintain your video streaming apps – whether you prefer to outsource, insource or a combination of both. We create teams in-house or remotely.


Our cross-functional team develops your streaming service on your desired devices, using a single codebase.

The team includes a Project Manager, Developers, Designers and QA Engineers.


Use our TV App Framework to develop your streaming service in-house.  

We provide all documentation and reference implementations, as well as support from our product teams.


TV App Development
We help you build your multiscreen TV Apps across multiple devices using a single codebase. Whether you decide to develop with Norigin Media, or in-source your TV Apps, our technology Framework has you covered.
Norigin Media is a Scandinavian company offering streaming TV tech solutions and services for Broadcasters, Pay TV Operators and OTT service providers.


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