Multiscreen User Interfaces 

We build your TV Apps across all streaming devices, using one codebase that generates instant multiscreen native experiences.


Your content presented on Mobile, Tablet, Browser, Smart TV and STB

One Codebase

We build your apps once and deploy natively on every device quickly

Micro Modular

A large repository of UI/UX components created for video presentation

Open Source

We promote open source frameworks and tools from the TV tech community 

Our TV App Framework

The Norigin TV App Framework allows our developers to build your apps across multiple screens using a single codebase. We always consider the constant evolution of analytics, devices, streaming protocols and DRM. 

The architecture of our framework is made of micro-modular components that allows for small and relevant changes without large impacts. Our technology stack is built to help you generate sophisticated and consistent experiences that your customers will love.

The Technology

Tracking Manager

A module that aligns multiple analytics providers and APIs that track quality and consumption patterns of video, as well as UI components across mobile, tablet, browser and Smart TV.

Player Manager

This module controls multiple native players or third party SDKs, enabling consistent experiences across devices. It includes features such as subtitles, DRM and multiple audio tracks.

Data Link

This API allows for a single integration towards the video management platform, CMS or OVP. It enables effortless aggregation of all metadata into the apps.

The Design

Sleek and effective design is always the goal that technology needs to achieve. Our TV App Frameworks helps build your user interfaces using micro-modular components from our UI Toolkit, created specifically to present premium TV and video content.

When we build user experiences, we remove the hurdles that video centric technologies introduce.

UI Toolkit

Modular UI components help build custom designed TV Apps across multiple screens. Components are easy to update according to StoryBooks, Workflow Diagrams and Style guides established during development.

React Native

Efficient development framework that results in a native feel across all devices. Powered by a huge open source community of developers. The Norigin TV App Framework is not explicitly built to support only React Native.

Custom Layouts

The flexible UI modules are elastic and reusable. They adapt to the chosen device and help create custom designed user interfaces. Any design supplied by our customers can integrate with these modules.


The UI Toolkit

The user interface is made up of modular components created specifically for TV apps, for a native feel on any streaming device. Components can be customised according to your branding and design requirements.

Truly Multiscreen

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