OTT Testing-aaS

Quality Assurance OTT Testing packages for your TV Apps


Packages for QA of TV Apps

OTT devices

Large device library in our testing labs

Test cases

Repository of customisable test cases

Do you develop your TV streaming services in-house? It is always good practice to have an external check to assure quality. Our QA experts are skilled in testing and validating your TV apps end-to-end across all OTT devices.


We offer testing service packages either off the shelf, or customised to your needs. You can choose or create packages as needed, for every sprint or major release.

Predefined test cases of basic app functionality which can be repeated for all releases or sprints.


Customised test cases designed to suit the specific and unique needs of your video streaming service.


We manage the certification of your TV Apps, and perform pre-certification testing according to device manufacturer checklists.

TV OTT Testing Lab

Our Testing Lab, managed by our TV Quality Assurance Engineers, has a large range of devices that we have been collecting for over a decade. We have a comprehensive inventory of mobiles, Smart TVs and STBs from operators and device manufacturers.

  • Maintaining Device Libraries
  • Quick App Installation
  • Test Books and Cases
  • Device Certification
  • Customised Test Reports


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