The Ultimate Guide

to CTV Audience Engagement 

As Connected TVs take the centre stage for the consumption of OTT streaming apps, consumers expect more parity with other devices which have been used to stream VOD and Linear TV.

Audience Engagement through interactive features normally have used second screens like mobiles to ensure consumer engagement.

The Ultimate Guide to Audience Engagement

Are you planning to build interactive features within CTV Apps? As devices like Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Roku, Vizio, FireTV, AppleTV as well as a range of other SmartTVs become commonplace, we help you with all the Design & Technology considerations you need to be aware of, while building world-class CTV Apps.

Build your consumer engagement features like Voting & Polling within Connected TV Apps, across Live and VOD content. Download our guide now!


This guide will cover:
  • Backend Technology Integrations
  • Frontend Engineering for CTV Apps
  • Design: UI/UX considerations
  • Interactive Feature Design
  • Case Study: Live Show Interactivity

Download “The Ultimate Guide to Audience Engagement” now!

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