Get is a Norwegian cable TV operator and internet service provider. It operates a country-wide network and has the second largest customer base. In the autumn of 2018, Telia announced it would be acquiring Get.
We chose Norigin Media’s linear TV headend to host and transcode all our channels not only for their broadcast grade stability but also their video engineering expertise. We use the platform to create catchup and DVR features for our OTT streaming service. As a leading cable TV operator in Norway, Get is very impressed with Norigin Media’s 24/7 operational centre and support services that cater to our custom needs.

Marius Sonvoll Haugen

Head of Development, Get

From Live to VoD

Features of Get’s service include catchup, DVR and time-shifting. Catchup files are created and uploaded to AWS and a DVR window allows users to start-over a particular program.


SD and HD channels are transcoded into adaptive bitrate profiles to suit browser, mobile, tablets and Smart TV delivery.

OTT Linear TV

Get use Norigin Media’s Cloudncoder to capture, transcode and package over 100 TV channels to be delivered to a CDN of their choice, as well as create catchup content. The content is encrypted by multi-DRM including PlayReady, Widevine and Fairplay.


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Get, a leading cable company in Norway has chosen Norigin Media to host and manage over 100 TV channels....

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