CTV App Solutions

We design, develop & certify your Connected TV Apps

Build TV Apps

Single codebase SDK across multiple CTV operating systems.

CTV Features

Engagement, measurement and verification within Apps.

Certificación de los dispositivos

Manual & Automated QA testing across device manufacturers.

CTV Solutions

As Connected-TV Solution specialists we help you create or validate your services across a multitude of internet connected large screen devices. We efficiently engineer solutions across a range of Smart TVs like Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Vizio, Hisense, Philips, Sony and others devices such as Roku, STBs, Android TV and Apple TVs.


Norigin Media helps you build & evolve a sustainable UI/UX that helps create consumer interactivity or engagement features like polls, surveys, or rating across devices. We ensure smooth navigation with our UI Toolkit modules that build TV Apps.

Download our Audience Engagement guide for CTV Devices today!


Our endless Device Library of Smart and Connected TVs alongside our manual/automation test processes help validate the quality of your CTV Apps or features. Our QA Test service packages include off-the-shelf or customised Test-Books that ensure top notch quality applications.


Are you keen on engineering interactive CTV solutions? We help you build TV apps across a range of Smart and Connected TVs using a single code-base SDK.
Our design, development and QA certification services can be customised to your specific needs. Send us your details and we will get in touch!
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